Wys my die regte pad…


How many of us fail the climb
How many of us fall
As we seek the truth inside our selves
We shrink and grow so small
I asked you Jesus son of God
To guide me all the way
With faith we need to make us strong
& words we need to say
Oh No.. my Father God please help, I stumbled….. YET again
And still you’re there to wipe our tears & pick us up ….Again…….
I pray for you to take my soul my spirit & my life
I ask you for the blood you gave to purify from strife
You gave me love & fed me scriptures needed to indulge
So take my baby hand my Lord & heal me of my scars
Your love is over whelming the truth is in its light
A guiding star that never fades you’re always in my sight
I felt you Jesus Son Of God please take me in your arms
And wash my sins & baptized me For I will do no wrongs
My learning curves & obstacles are fewer every day
As miracles and Holy love Lord shine & lead the way
It’s a flower glazed by sunlight or a smile from an unknown being
It’s the way you gently wrapped your presence as a gift to me unseen
It’s the way you always love me….even when I sometimes fall
And knowing in the darkest night, You answer to my call

By Noela-Anne Driver


Geseënde naweek vir een en almal!

Lief vir julle…



5 Responses to Wys my die regte pad…

  1. Nimsi says:

    O dis so mooi Pikkie!
    Heerlike naweek vir jou ook.

  2. Alta says:

    Lekker naweek vir jou ook Pikkie.

  3. BB says:

    “…So take my baby hand my Lord …” – and I’m looking down at mine… They do the dishes and forget to use handlotion. They look like my mother’s!!! They are worn and begging for a manicure. They wish they looked like a lady’s hands… but in God’s eyes, they’re still baby hands afterall – and suddenly, they seem to rightfully belong to the rest of me – and I’m content. Dankie vir dié, Pikkie. Net dankie.

  4. Ogies says:

    Dankie Pikkie!

  5. WoW – Hierdie is ‘n mooi weergawe!!!!!

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