Al ooit so gevoel???

crybaby.jpgAn old man was Grocery shopping with his grandson.  The toddler was crying and at times screaming at the top of his lungs.

As the old gentleman walked up and down the aisles, people could hear him speaking in a soft voice:  “We are almost done, Albert… try not to cry, Albert… life will get better Albert…”

As he approached the checkout stand, he carefully brushed the toddler’s tears from his eyes and said again, “Try not to cry, Albert… We will be home soon , Albert…”

As he was paying the cashier, the toddler still crying, a young woman in line behind hom said, “Sir, I think it is wonderful how sweet you are being to your little Albert!”

The old gentleman blinked his eyes a couple of times before saying, “My grandson’s name is John…  I am Albert!!!!”


3 Responses to Al ooit so gevoel???

  1. karoles says:

    Hehe, dis ‘n goeie!! Oulike blog hoor!!

  2. Zee says:

    LoL, wie sou nou kon dink Albert is die oupa!

  3. Vonnie says:

    Het Saterdag so oor my man gevoel!

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